Curiosity Curriculum

At Newnham St Peter's we have planned the teaching of the National Curriculum around sets of key questions to be asked each term, such as...

  • What places are special and why? (Reception - RE)
  • Why do I have so many teeth? (Science - Y3/4)
  • Were the Vikings raiders, invaders or settlers? (History - Y5/6)
  • How do we show kindness to others? (PSHE - Y1/2)
  • How can we identify and demonstrate the idea that adaptation may lead to evolution? (Science - Y5/6)
  • What were trains like in the past? (History - Y1/2)

Our "Curiosity Curriculum" is linked in full below and outlines our approach to all subjects except for English and Maths. As in many settings, we have mixed year groups and therefore the curriculum is taught over a 2 year cycle in Limes, Willows and Alders, with concepts and skills building year on year.

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