Our Staff


  • Mrs Nolan (also DSL)


  • Early Years Key Worker: Mrs Murdock
  • Apprentice Teaching Assistant: Miss Whiting

Acorns - Reception

  • Teacher: Mrs Broady (also Deputy DSL, T&L Lead)
  • Teaching Assistant (Mon/Thu/Fri): Mrs Jones (also LS)
  • Teaching Assistant (Tue/Wed): Mrs Rushe (also LS)

Limes - Year 1

  • Teacher: Miss Matthews
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bridgwood (also LS)

Limes - Year 2

  • Teacher: Mrs Edwards
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Penfold (also LS)
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Penfold (also LS)

Willows - Year 3

  • Teacher: Mrs Pearce (also SENDCO)

Willows - Year 4

  • Teacher (Mon/Tue/Wed): Miss White
  • Teacher (Wed/Thu/Fri): Mrs Baker
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Hinds

Alders - Year 5/6

  • Teacher (Mon/Tue/Wed): Mrs Allen
  • Teacher (Wed/Thu/Fri): Mrs James
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pearson (also LS)

Office Staff

  • School Business Manager: Mrs Tetlow
  • Pre-School Administrator: Mrs Young
  • Clerk of Governors: Mrs Thorpe

Pastoral Support

  • Mrs Harris (also LS)

Lunchtime Supervisors (LS)

  • Mrs Handscombe
  • Some of those listed above are also Lunchtime Supervisors, as indicated by "LS"

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